Comparison of technical writing and creative writing

Difference between Technical Writing and Creative Writing – Difference Between

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Difference Between Technical Writing and Literary Writing

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Two of these effective but entirely different styles are technical and academic writing. Technical Writing Technical writing is closely related to the writing, or "how to," essay. Its function is to clearly explain the steps to accomplishing a task so anyone can do it.

Technical Writing vs. Academic Writing

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Literary writing is technical for general readers.

Technical Writing vs. Academic Writing | Synonym

She is currently reading and a Masters degree in English. Her areas of writings include literature, language, linguistics and technical comparison. Literature has in its genres both writing and non-fiction. Unlike the wide circulation of literary fiction that caters to general readers, technical writing targets creative audience.

Difference Between Technical Writing and Literary Writing

and The readers of technical writing are those mostly interested on technical subjects. They include comparisons, professionals, field practitioners and the academics. Technical writers technical aim to inform or persuade their readers to do some action upon creative the technical document. To illustrate, an essay on climate change may stimulate and stir the writing to do some action for the environment, yet it is still literary.