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Aside from the specialized programmes, the MSE division also contributes to the Common Core Curriculum that is mandatory to all new undergraduates in the University. Critical thinking web

The courses under this curriculum include Making Sensible Decisions on Socio-scientific Issues and Quantitative Literacy in Science, Technology, and Society, which aim to sharpen the scientific literacy of students. Science Education and Mathematics Education. Research MSE division members play leadership roles in local, national, and international professional [URL], research organizations, and journals.

They are also internationally recognized for more info research achievements.

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An example is Professor Frederick Leung who received the prestigious Freudenthal Award in mathematics education in critical The research interests and sample projects of the division are listed as follows: Aside from critical on the editorial boards of prestigious journals, MSE division members also serve in international committees, such as the Bibliography scholarly article Committee of the Thinking Association for the Evaluation of Click here Achievement IEA.

They critical proactively participate in networking research in region. They are also highly sought after to deliver keynote speeches at international conferences. Some members also work in management boards of secondary schools.

Faculty Research Fund Project: Integration of theory and practice thinking collaborative teaching in a teacher education program Dec - Feb Co-investigators: Amy Tsui and Suzi Nicholson. Learning Together in New Times.

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Tensions, Complexities, and the Politics of Collaboration. The ebook is available on: School-university collaborative action research as praxis book chapter accepted, to be published by Springer, Educational Linguistics Series. Chan, Cmanuscript under review Caught in the Middle: Chan, Cin preparation Engaging second language teachers to enact critical literacy click the following article Hong Kong schools: International Journal of Inclusive Education.

Vol 21 7 DOI: Differentiation key learning areas for gifted students in critical classes: A project for thinking school teachers here Hong Kong.

Tensions and Complexities in School-University Collaboration.

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Asia Pacific Journal of Education. Vol 35 1 p. Making connections within the Asia-Pacific region: Chan, C and Clarke, M The Politics of Collaboration: