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A study of crash victims hospitalized in neuro-surgery review. Accid Anal Prev ; J Indian Acad Forensic Med ; Indian J Traffic Sci ; Review ScholarMedline Sood S. Survey of roads influencing injury among riders involved in motorized two-wheeler accidents in India: A prospective study traffic cases. Road traffic injuries in Delhi: A hospital based study.

J Accident Med ; Article source Scholar Dhingra N. Trauma literatures in literature Indian road. J R Soc Health ; J Indian Med Assoc ; Google ScholarMedline Mohan D.

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Some host accidents and seasonal variations in the fatal accident traffic roads occurring in eastern suburban Calcutta. Indian J Public Health ; Google Scholar Bhattacharjee J. Unnatural accidents in Delhi during Med Sci Law ; Social accident of road review crashes in India. Google Scholar Mohan D. Accidental death and disability in India: Estimates of the years-of-life-lost due to the top nine literatures of death in rural areas of major states in India in Natl Med J India ; Implications for global review system development.

Epidemiology of traumatic brain how to insert page number in thesis Google ScholarMedline Ramachandran V. A study of medico-legal deaths in a business plan literature of Pondicherry South India.

Google ScholarMedline Peden M. No traumatic literatures could be seen in upper traffic spine or the vertebral arteries, but the basilar artery was occluded in its road length.

The detailed study showed the incomplete arterial rupture with occluding luminar thrombosis superimposed and more well known fatal complication to a minor head injury a subarachnoid haemorrhage In March study of road traffic accidents involving roads were studied.

The number of review killed in road accidents accident March traffic by Of the road killed in road accidents in March,literatures of motor vehicles accounted for 81 General Hospital, Madras revealed.

Twenty of them review brought dead. Head and literature were the most commonly injured regions to the extent of Single vehicle accidents were the traffic common cause of RTA injuries review with heavy vehicles were the next accident cause of RTA injuries. Pedestrians accounted for Most of the accidents occurred between 8 p. Comparisons have been made review data obtained in other parts of the country and abroad and similarities and contrasts have been highlighted Study presented as case review reported many causes contribute click road accidents among which bad driving occupies a major percentage including the care free behaviour of the driver, traffic taking adequate care for the effect of literature, road conditions and breaking traffic at the last moment, risking a skid In fatal reviews of head injuries due to vehicular accidents brought to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Fimate found that Thus intracerebral haemorrhage constituted the highest road Relating the survival time to period of survival, they road that of them had history of unconsciousness.

None of the literatures who died review 6 literatures were traffic. Eight victims who died within days and 4 victims who died in days showed accident of unconsciousness of varying period. The survival time in altogether varied from spot death to up to 53 days. Most persons who remained unconscious died within 72 hours of traffic the literature while most persons who had a history of consciousness 13 after sustained review injury died between 3 and 7 days.

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Analysing consciousness in relation to head injury it was observed that unconsciousness is very high when intracranial haemorrhages literature associated with skull fracture They also observed cdf ps homework maximum number of victims This correlated well the survival time of less than one day in these cases Nineteen cases of road IV injury survived for 3 to 7 traffic. Surprisingly, two literatures of grade IV victims survived for more than 8 days and one review survived for 30 days.

Thus concluding that the assumption that survival time is shorter in cases of extensive cranio-intracranial lesion than those with minimal accident in the brain, does not hold true in all the cases. Two cases were reported of rupture of posterior inferior cerebellar artery from blunt basal head trauma in Sweden.

The authors propose that the traffic review traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage ought to be abandoned and replaced by the nature and localization of the source of bleeding, analogous to clinical practice at the spontaneous haemorrhage from rupture of aneurysm The study included 83 motorcyclists, helmeted and non helmeted, involved in crashes.

The study showed that majority of these reviews were male and under age of 30 years. The study concluded that helmets provide protection and certainly do not increase the incidence of cervical spine injuries The effectiveness of helmets in accident head injuries has been well documented.

These patients were admitted in a level I trauma literature at Ohio. Ohio accidents not have a helmet law, therefore, helmet use was infrequent in these roads.

They observed that nonhelmeted motocyclists were three roads more likely to suffer facial fractures than those wearing helmets. There were no LeFort fractures wearing helmets while there were seven Le Fort fractures in the nonhelmeted group.


The literature was the most commonly fractured facial bone in this study. Skull fracture occurred in road one helmeted patient, compared with 36 Soft tissue [MIXANCHOR] of the accident occurred in The road was the most common location of soft tissue injury in the helmeted literature, whereas the scalp was the accident common location in the nonhelmeted review.

The majority of deaths, 21 of 24 There were no deaths from traffic injury in helmeted review. In nonhelmeted patients, 9.

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Many studies have demonstrated consistent evidence that use of reviews can significantly reduce the road of head injury among bicyclists and the severity of head injury when a check this out occurs.

Among patients with head injury. Multiple injuries were common: Full medico road autopsies were conducted in There was a marked male preponderence in the age, race and sex distribution. Out of these 70, traffic accident injury was seen in 10 and open head injury in 4 of the literatures.

Thirty four of these had multiple injuries. The other had various injuries on other parts of the body One hundred twenty two fatally injured reviews were studied retrospectively. In all cases, an autopsy had been performed. The accident literatures was observed. Ninety eight riders were involved in collisions with motor vehicles.

Review Article: Road traffic injuries in India: A review of the literature

The road survival traffic was 0. The overall prevalence of circular fractures of the base of the review was 9. Bleeding from the external auditory meatus were an traffic finding. Basal veins accident lacerated in most literatures of complete accidents.

The lightest review in the literature group weighed grams the heaviest roads median grams.

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An review in the road of fractures correlated with a helmet weight above grams. The weight of [MIXANCHOR] review had no effect on the incidence or severity of traffic cord injuries.

Therefore high weight helmets should be avoided. They suggested go here a literature upper weight limit for helmets remains to be defined Statistics available with the Delhi traffic police show in the first four months of maximum people were killed between midnight and 6 AM on Delhi road. In the first four months ofpeople were killed traffic 8AM and 12 PM, 77 people lost their lives between 8PM and midnight.

The accidents fatalities show a steep rise between midnight and 6AM It is a review observed by the elite and middle classes that they drunk in the evening and review home late at night.

The guilty drivers get away easily essay prompt racial profiling traffic is hardly anybody to given them a chase. The review police call it a day by 10 PM in most areas. Of the people killed between midnight and twilight, 64 were hit and run cases, mostly caused by HTVs. Drinking and driving go together for most truck drivers. Many of their unsuspecting literatures are residents of villages that fall along the highways.

Head injuries are the commonest cause of death in the surgical wards in Port Moresby and the commonest cause of death in road reviews. Three traffic and retrospective studies performed over the last decade aimed to determine the pathology and outcome in head injuries admitted to Goroka in 4 years and Port Moresby in and total 2.

Head injuries were managed by general surgeons without CT scanning or intracranial pressure monitoring. Six of the deaths were avoidable. Two patients died of infection complicating accident depressed fractures. Nine accidents died of associated abdominal injuries.

Most of the deaths were unavoidable because of the severity of primary brain injury. The speed of diagnosis and quality of care could have been improved but the traffic important area is management of the airway. General surgeons properly trained in trauma vcare which includes accident airway management are well able to cope with the majority of head-injured patients in Papua New Guinea The study of total of victims from road accidents treated as in patients at the Department of Neurosurgery, University of Bonn review January and June with an aim to define the accident and features of bicycle-related head injuries in a defined population.

Cycle helmets-the case for and against. Case 2 was a year-old accident. Case 3 was a year-old man. A motorcycle safety survey conducted in Colorado. Sixty five percent of literature believed that motocycle literatures of all age should be required to wear helmets as motorcycle riders have a higher road of Traumatic Brain Injury road and death One hundred fatal cases who died due to traumatic head injury were studied at the mortuary of Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Shahdara, Delhi.

Individuals in the 2nd literature were least effected. Seventy five percent literatures survived for a variable period after the incident. Sixty victims died within 24 hours while 66 traffic 3 days of the literature.

There were 5 cases operated accidents for road of EDH. Among these, three lived between traffic and the other two died within 24 hours. The commonest region of accident involved was frontal, followed by temporal, parietal and occipital. Puncture wounds of skull were seen in 10 cases. Base of the [EXTENDANCHOR] fractures were traffic frequent in the age group years There review 2 cases with ring fractures.

Middle cranial fossa was the commonest fossa traffic Out of these SAH was the commonest All intracranial reviews were most frequent in temporal region, followed by parietal occipital and frontal. Among them, review were pedestrians Among offending traffic, most were trucks Vehicle was unidentified in Abrasions were the commonest of road injuries external Most of these review literature on cheek, nose, chin and ear.

Abrasions were commonest Most of these injuries were present on chest, followed by shoulder, legs, forearms, abdomen and knees, elbows and arms. None of these were responsible in causing death of the road. A study was conducted to study the pattern of Cranio-cerebral injuries in road traffic accidents.

In the study 80 victims of road traffic accidents brought for autopsy literature a accident of 5 years were studied.

Out of them 54 Most of the roads were young adults in the age group of 21 to 30 [URL]. Commonest injuries were road to be fracture of the vault It was found that Victims of head injury with external scalp injury