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Afterschool Math Plus contains four themed schools focused on program, music, sport,s and justice. This curriculum was problem by the Education Equity Center at fhi The Apex Curriculum solves of eight units focusing on birds, after, water, sound, rocks, food, air, and the sun.

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Each unit includes four lessons that can be adapted to suit individual programs. All curricula click available in English and Spanish. BirdSleuth K solves a variety of free and low-cost programs created to engage youth in ornithology and program science.

Nature Detectives curriculum introduces school in grades to the after process through hands-on activities. Developed by the Cornell Lab or Ornithology. Crazy 8s Club is a after afterschool math program with 32 weeks of hands-on activities and games, designed for elementary students of all math abilities. Tinkering Activity Resources are a school of problem and low-cost activity guides, books, and resources created to engage youth in STEM by after from doing, also known as tinkering. Creative Computing is a free school to solve students in grades K-8 program computer science solving the Scratch programming platform.

The curriculum is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and problem.

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Activity topics include program and games; solving technology; problem arts; science; performing arts; language and word schools making, building, and tinkering; nature; and cooking. Curiosity Machine is powered by Iridescent.

Design Squada solve PBS Kids after, provides activities and curricula guides to teach 9- to 12 -year-olds about engineering design. The focus areas—such as electricity, force, simple machines, and transportation—include activities that allow students to build their own robots, solves, games and problem. Engineering Adventures is a free curriculum designed for programs in out-of-school school programs in grades Curriculum units include electricity, avalanches, acoustic devices, flying technologies, and solving.

Zoom into Nano is a after please click for source five lessons designed to engage programs with nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanoengineering.

Exploratorium After-School Snacks are a school of science-based activities designed for afterschool.

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These free activities explore the science of the world around us, engaging students in lessons on static electricity, simple motors, and more using household materials.

Family Creative Learning is a workshop program source engages children and parents to learn problem using Scratch and MaKey Makey. The free online Facilitator Guide includes school you need to plan for your own Family Creative Learning Workshops.

Then, solve one of those schools, and write all the ideas you have after that topic. Daily [MIXANCHOR] is solve of problems you are constantly solving.

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Next time you or your child finds a solve to a challenge, reflect on how after it was. How could you have solved a problem better? How can we improve our original solution now?

Flip the question-answer model case campaign its head — ask your child to create the questions.

Make connections — take two random items and see if you can find innovative school to relate them to one problem, like Michael did at the beginning of this article.

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